Cook My Grub - Customer's FAQ's
Customer's FAQ's

How does Cook My Grub (CMG) Works? 

CMG is a mobile platform where trained and certified chefs and bakers can safely sell their homemade meals & traditional recipes with their neighbours. All Chefs/bakers are vetted and trained to follow food safety standards in compliance with local regulations. If you’re hoping to order for a particular delivery day, please be sure to order by the pre-order cut-off time. Getting started is easy! Just enter your postcode on the search bar in the app. If we're operating in your area, you can choose from a variety of talented Chefs/bakers in your neighborhood.  


Where are Chefs/Bakers located?

Chefs/Bakers are located in neighbourhoods across the country. Enter your post code to explore who’s cooking near you!

Can I contact a chef directly?

We are currently working on ways to promote communication between Chefs and customers. For the time being, if there is something specific you would like to say or ask of a particular Chefs, please let us know at and we will happily pass your message along!


Can I leave a rating or review for my chef?

Yes!  After receiving your food, you will get the option to rate and review your experience. Your feedback will be shared with the Chef who prepared your food. You can also reach out to us anytime at with comments or questions.


Can I read customer reviews for each Chef?

You can view star ratings for each Chef/Baker by visiting their profile page. Written reviews submitted by customers are shared with each Chef, and will be  publicly available in the app. We will publish ratings as soon as we have captured a representative sample of feedback from our customers.


There's an issue with my order. Who do I contact?

Please feel free to reach out to us at or utilise the support functionality directly on our app for any issues or concerns once you’ve received your order. We are happy to assist you! If you are able to, please provide your order number, any details regarding the issue, and photos if you have them.


What types of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, and will soon be adding Apple Pay and Google Pay. If you have any issues with completing your transaction, please email us at and we'll happily assist you!

Are homemade meals delivered or do I need to pick them up?

We will be giving both the options to customers based on the location and preference of the Chef. 


When do I have to place my order?

The chef/baker will decide the pre-order cut of time for each of their plans. For example, If Chef Joe offers all her dishes every evening from 18:00, but he needs 4 hours of pre-order time. That means, all customers have the option to place their orders from Joe before 14:00 on the day.  In the CMG app, you can see the pre-order time defined by each chef for their daily plans. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at


Can I cancel my order?

The order can be canceled before it's been accepted by our Chefs/Bakers. Once it's accepted, it will be not be possible to cancel the order.

When will my food arrive?

All orders are delivered during the delivery window provided. You will receive a notification of your delivery and who you can contact in case you have any additional questions.

If I’m not home, what happens to my food delivery?

The individual delivering your food will call you in case you’re not at home. If they can’t reach you, and they determine that the food can be kept in a safe location, they will leave it in that place so you can pick it up when you come home.