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Invest in Cook My Grub

Come share in our success
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When you invest in equity you buy shares in a company, which gives you a percentage of ownership of that company in the belief that the value of that company will increase over time. Hopefully, the business you have backed goes on to make an ‘exit’ at a higher value than when you invested, and you will get a return on your investment and make a profit. 

All UK based investors are eligible for EIS tax relief. You can find more details on EIS tax relief here: https://www.crowdcube.com/explore/investing/tax-relief/eis 

Frequently asked questions

Why invest in Cook My Grub?

§ We are opening up a whole new segment in the cooked food supply market § Delivering quality, healthy, authentic home food at a reasonable price point § Organising a market currently dispersed and lacking an aggregation platform § Our beginnings bear similarities to other successful marketplace companies like AirBnB, Etsy, Gumtree, Bla Bla Car § A fantastic opportunity to invest in a new product at an early stage § Founding team have a proven track record of delivering great business value

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding allows us to receive investment from a large number of people via a dedicated online portal. We are redefining the traditional takeaway by allowing small food businesses and home chefs to start selling delicious and authentic meals. With this crowdfund, we're offering our customers and wider network the opportunity to share in our success.

How much can I invest?

You’ll have the option to invest from £10 to £250,000 but you will need to actually invest an exact multiple of the share price. As the share price is £2.67, the minimum investment in our pitch will be £10.68. You will be prompted with the minimum investment amount , or the closest multiple of the share price when making an investment. You can then click ‘invest’ and that’s it you’ve made the investment. Payment won’t be taken until after our pitch has successfully closed the funding round.

What is Crowdcube and how do I join?

Crowdcube is one of the biggest equity crowdfunding companies in the world. Joining Crowdcube is free, takes less than 60 seconds and carries no obligation to invest. You are required to take a short quiz to make sure you understand the risks of investing. To become a shareholder in Cook My Grub, you will need a Crowdcube account and can register here: https://www.crowdcube.com/register. Your investment will be administered and held through this Crowdcube account.