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Community work: Brett Foundation

At Cook My Grub, we live and breathe our mission and values around creating healthier, happier and wealthier communities. Over the last few weeks, we have been providing charity meals to the Brett Foundation.

The Brett foundation is a Maidenhead based not for profit charity, supporting the Homeless and families that are living in poverty and those who have fallen on hard times. The foundation works endlessly to provide temporary shelter for homeless and provide homeless packs which contain items to make living on the streets more bearable.

The team has committed to providing meals on a day every week to the foundation and we have just increased the number of meals to be provided by 50%. We're also supporting them to cover any shortfall of food if there are issues sourcing on other days.

As we expand across multiple geographies, we intend to partner with other such wonderful organisations and spread the joy of delicious home cooked meals with everyone.

If you'd like to donate to this wonderful charity, this is the link: Donate to The Brett Foundation

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