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Let's talk about Hygiene

At Cook My Grub, ensuring our customers food is kept safe and hygienic is our top priority. Here's an insight into how we make sure you and your family are safe every time you order a takeaway from us.

In-House Checks

All our chefs are council registered and follow the highest standards of hygiene. We regularly check-ups on our home kitchens (surfaces, equipment and utensils) and make sure that COVID-secure regulations are followed. Drivers and Chefs involved are educated about precautions that are necessary to maintain hygiene. Ample protection and training are provided to them to enable them to handle everything from cooking, packaging to delivery.

View Hygiene certifications in our app

All our chefs have a level 2 certification in food safety and hygiene. They are registered with and are inspected by their councils. We've also making the FSA hygiene ratings of all our home-chefs available to you in the app, which will help you place your order with confidence.

Contactless Delivery

We're following contact-free pick-up and delivery processes. You can choose to pick up your order directly from your home chef or get it delivered to your doorstep. Our delivery drivers will hand your order to you in a contact-free way.

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