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Meet the Chef: Anjali

Meet Chef Anjali of Anjali’s Kitchen. Hailing from Cuddalore, part of the Indian State of Tamil Nadu; Anjali’s food is a refreshing take on traditional South Indian cuisine. Based in Maidenhead, England, Anjali enjoys raising her small family surrounded by the food of her childhood. She is a wife and mum who enjoys growing her own vegetables when she has some time to spare. She loves to cook seafood, using only the freshest ingredients which she sources from local suppliers.

“From my Mother, I learnt how to make meat-based dishes and over time I have created the same magic I experienced in my childhood kitchen, for my family and my customers.”

Her distinctive style can be credited to her using only the freshest ingredients, as she grinds each spice for every individual recipe. She makes her own special curry powder, the recipe for which has been passed down, from her Mother-in-law and forms the base for her signature dish “Kuzumbu.”

Starting with Cook My Grub in July 2020, Anjali has steadily built her customer based through the App through her food. Her meals speak volumes from the moment it arrives on her customers doorstep. Be it her simple yet flavourful breakfasts like Sambhar and Idli or her tantalizing mains like Chicken Biryani and the signature “Fish Kuzumbu”, Anjali delights her customers with her culinary talents.

“Cook My Grub has given me an opportunity to share my passion with others.”

Her ability to translate the joy she feels when cooking into her meals is what gives her food a signature taste. You can order from Anjali’s Kitchen through the Cook My grub App

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