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Meet the Chef: Aunty Reena

Chef Reena of Aunty Reena's Kitchen.

As a teacher, mum and wife Reena has her hands full yet she finds time for her true passion, food. When we asked her about how she got interested in cooking, she relates her inspiration to her time spent with her dad in his Wine and Delicatessen “Ambers” in Chelsea.

“It was a family run business and for over 20 years I was part of it. It was off Hollywood Road and we always had famous people coming in. In those days we had a supplier for our food. The buzz and atmosphere of the shop and of that time is really what inspired me.”

Her favourite memory is of Joan Collins coming into the shop.

“I’ve always wanted to run my own restaurant and now with Cook My Grub I have the ability to realise my dream.”

Bringing to the platform her healthy, home-cooked Punjabi food, Reena’s cooking is the classic North Indian cuisine in which bold flavours and vibrant colours pair up together to make home cooked meals feel special.

Be it her classic Chole and Bhature or her vegetable stir fry, Reena’s food always creates magic at mealtime.

Aunty Reena's food is available in the Slough(SL1, SL2, SL3) and Windsor(SL4) areas.

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