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Meet the Chef: Buffie of San Diego Kitchen

A native Californian raised on the sunny shores of San Diego, Buffie brings a fresh taste of Mexican food to Cook My Grub. Standing in her gorgeous bright, blue kitchen Buffie talks to our writer as the space fills with wonderful aromas while she prepares her Veggie Enchiladas. A wonderfully bright spot in this otherwise gloomy March in the U.K, Buffie shares snippets of spending time on the beach with her friends enjoying Mexican food as a child.

“Mexican food is basic. My advice would be to keep it simple. There’s very little you can do to mess it up.” As she slices the tomatoes for her homemade salsa.

Buffie discovered the art of cooking with time as she started cooking Mexican food at home to fill a desire to enjoy the food of her childhood. She finds the routine of cooking, therapeutic as she focuses on creating her culinary masterpieces. “I like how everything comes together at one time to make something exceptional. I like being mindful and focusing on the task at hand.”

Being environmentally conscious, she sources organic, free range produce and believes in using fresh ingredients, letting them shine as they come together in her dishes. Her mantra is “fresh is best.” She also uses environmentally friendly or compostable containers for her food. “I use the same ingredients I source for my family; for my customers and believe in doing the best I can with what I have.” Her kids love crunchy tacos and quesadillas. Buffie has a high tolerance for spicy food but tones it down for her kids, who love her food.

She loves experimenting with flavours and textures, enjoying how they come together. This weekend she plans to try making a Mexican roast chicken dinner.

Her tacos are heavenly and will satisfy your soul. Go and try her food on the Cook My Grub App now.

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