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Meet the Chef: Deepu's Kitchen

Updated: Feb 28

Meet Deepika, from Deepu’s Kitchen. From a South Indian family, raised in the bustling cosmopolitan city of Mumbai, Deepika is a food connoisseur at heart.

Growing up she found herself interested in North Indian cuisine due to the influences around her. Her food reflects the fusion of both regions and Deepika attributes it to her multicultural neighbourhood. Growing up in a diverse society, her neighbours played a hand in inspiring her in getting started as a chef. When they would meet at gatherings, she would pepper them with questions and ask about their tips and tricks. She attributes her knack for getting the right texture and taste for her dishes to the shared experiences of those she grew up around.

As a student, she and her friends would save up to go to restaurants and try exquisite but exorbitantly priced food. Quoting them to be her best memories, she says that is what inspired her to get started. Deepika found herself wanting to try her hand at making the delicious food that she and her friends could enjoy, using the same high quality fresh ingredients at a quarter of the price.

All these experiences led Deepika to dream about starting her own restaurant,

“Cook My Grub has helped me realise my dream. I have access to customers who enjoy my style of cooking. I only use the freshest of ingredients and I believe this gives my food the best taste.”

Deepika continues to be inspired and creates amazing meals for her customers on a regular basis. Be it her Hyderabadi Lamb Dum Biryani or her Chettinadi Chicken with ghee rice, Deepu’s Kitchen brings a special taste to your mealtimes. Find her food on the Cook My Grub App:

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