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Meet the Chef: Suchi of Jain Kitchen

She delivers big flavours with a big smile. Suchi comes from a family of food enthusiasts. Her mum, sister and aunts have been big influences in her life. Growing up she learnt from them and soon food became more than just a hobby. It became her passion.

Suchi’s kitchen is a pure Jain Kitchen. Jainism is a form of vegetarianism. It is one of the most meticulous forms of spiritually motivated diet on the Indian subcontinent and beyond. Jain cuisine is completely lacto vegetarian and also excludes underground vegetables such as garlic, onion etc. As a perfectionist, Suchi focuses all her skills to bring a new culinary twist to the food she makes. “When I try something new, I attempt to make it at home. If I can make it, I can improve it and make it better.” Her customer base has been steadily growing as customers discover the delight which is Jain Kitchen. Born and raised in Madhya Pradesh, India( which literally means “Central Province”) Suchi has brought the vibrant culture and colours of her cuisine to the Cook My Grub(CMG) Platform. “The best thing about being part of the CMG family is the sense of community we have. We all root for each other and motivate each other to bring out the best for our customers. Being part of CMG has brought my passion to the forefront and given me an opportunity to serve others like making food for my family.” A bright, cheery personality, conversations with Suchi are as wonderful as her food. Her Coconut ladoos and Gulab Jamuns are tempting treats for anyone with a sweet craving whereas her Daal Bafle and Hara Bhara Kebabs are moreish, delectable savouries. Try her food on the CMG App today.

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