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Meet the Chef: Vidya of Mumbai Tadka

Vidya Jadhav of ‘Mumbai Tadka’ was one of the first chefs to join the Cook My Grub platform. She hails from the Maharashtra region of India, is married and lives in the Central Maidenhead area. Before moving to Maidenhead, Vidya and her husband used to live in Paris.

In the past she had only ever cooked at home for friends and family. Sometimes she would cook for large gatherings of 10-15 people in Paris. She built on that over the last few years and is now a seasoned home chef. Vidya's food has been liked by everyone and she has over 150 reviews on the app with an average rating of 4.8.

Vidya specialises in Bombay(or Mumbai) street food and traditional Maharashtrian dishes. Some of the authentic dishes like chicken and prawn Konkani are very hard to find outside the Konkan region in India.

Over the next few days some of the specialities being made by Vidya are:

Prawn Masala: Cooked in a coastal Indian style with a tomato base

Chicken Roast Dry: Spicy chicken thigh roasted with some exotic spices

Papdi Chaat: A street food special made up of a crunchy base of wheat papdi, topped with potato, chickpeas, chutney and curd

Get a taste of the Mumbai Tadka to experience this culinary bliss yourselves!

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