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Why Home cooked food beats takeout?

A recent blog by BBC threw light on England's eating habits, which the National Food Strategy referred to as a "slow-motion disaster".

With obesity and diet-related diseases increasing steadily worldwide, the importance of eating home food and its benefits to health and longevity is now more than ever. 

What makes home food the better option and why you should choose Cook My Grub?

Healthier Ingredients

It is often said that 'Homemade food is healthy food'. 

Unlike food prepared in restaurants that have high amounts of fat, salt, and sugar, our home chefs create their delicacies only using freshly produced and locally sourced ingredients. 

Cook My Grub is not your usual restaurant takeout, it's healthy and delicious home food.

Avoid food allergies and sensitivities:

No need to fret over questions like 'How's the food been stored' or 'how's it been prepped?' 

Unlike takeout food where you are completely unaware of hidden ingredients, our platform lets you view any hidden allergies before you place your order. 

Portion control:

Eating a home-cooked meal helps you control your food quantity and portion sizes. 

At Cook My Grub, we list down the ingredients and how much of it goes into preparing your meals, letting you focus on the memories and not the calories. 


It's easier to eat home food than to go looking for one in the frozen food aisle of your nearest supermarket or ordering restaurant takeout. With Cook My Grub, you get to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. 

Not everybody has the time or talent to cook their meals every day, so getting help from local sources like home cooks is a great option.

Quality and Hygiene Standards:

A home cooking business in the UK needs to be registered with the local authority. Post-registration, they are inspected and given a food hygiene rating.  

We understand the importance of providing wholesome meal options, which is why we help our home chefs enhance their culinary skills by helping them acquire food training certifications. We also make sure to conduct regular home kitchen check-ups, so that you get high quality and freshly made meals.

Brings the family together

Whether its sandwiches made as a weekend snack or a dinner party you're hosting, food has a huge role in bringing people together. 

There is no greater feeling than sharing a meal with your people. In a world which has so many languages, food continues to stay a universal one, it truly is the ingredient that binds us all together. 

The benefits of homemade food are infinite, and at Cook My Grub we have something for every taste and preference. The next time you're craving a hot home-cooked meal, lets our chefs do the cooking for you. 

*Launching This September*

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